Communication is key for community growth, and what better way is there to communicate online other than by using a TeamSpeak 3 server? Let your server community thrive and play together by giving them an easy and reliable method of communication

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TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 offers the ideal voice communication tool for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family.

With years of experience and leadership in VoIP since 2001, TeamSpeak engineers have delivered a flexible, powerful, and scalable solution allowing you the ability to customize and tailor your voice communication needs any way you desire.

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Huge Thanks To

We Al Albayt University IT students want to thank TEAMSPEAK for giving us the chance to use there product in our graduate project , they show a lot of respect and huge help for us .We will always be thankful for them , and we are so happy that we are the first university that has TeamSpeak help in such a thing in JORDAN . So TeamSpeak thank you so much for the amazing help :)

TeamSpeak Images and logos that included in this project are fully belong to TeamSpeak , so thank you TeamSpeak for letting us use them too .

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